Photo 9 Oct TUNE IN ON OCTOBER 12 FOR A VERY SPECIAL EPISODE OF LEFT OF THE DIAL WITH NONE OTHER THAN TEEN DAZE!!!  It’s the interview deemed “too hot for radio!”


Text 9 Oct Sep 28 Roundup

Alright, very special show.  We were joined in the studio by Mathew Braun of Trinity Western’s Mars Hill Newspaper, who was so kind as to conduct an interview with us regarding Civl FM and our show.  It was a great time and we really appreciate the opportunity to broaden our listenership.  The show went pretty well though, I think.  We discussed what is and what is not Indie.  We are no closer to the truth.  No Freudian/nipple slips, fewer Bradley Cooper references (it’s getting out of hand), and both hosts stayed for the entire two hours.  Here are some songs we played.  Hope you liked them.

Terry Bush-The Littlest Hobo Theme

Bob Dylan-Shelter From The Storm

White Ring-Roses

Metro Area-Machine Vibes

Johnny Thunders-Great Big Kiss

Neil Young & Crazy Horse-Down By The River

Colin Stetson-The Righteous Wrath Of An Honest Man


Talking Heads-Seen And Not Seen

Soul Asylum-Endless Farewell

Charles Spearin-Victoria

Tokyo Police Club-Nature of the Experiment

Link 9 Oct Left of the Dial Interview in the Mars Hill Newspaper»
Text 9 Oct Sep 14 Roundup

The Magician and the Gates of Love-I Want It All

Anne Murray-Snowbird

PS I Love You-Get Over

Phantogram-Running From The Cops

Robert Johnson-Love In Vain

The Rolling Stones-Sway


(We get highjacked for a good 20 minutes here)

-The Replacements-Hold My Life (Live at Max’s Kansas City 1986)

St. Vincent-Northern Lights

The Sadies-Violet and Jeffery Lee

(David gets bored, leaves)

Health-Goth Star (Picture Plane remix)

Swan Lake- Spanish Gold, 2044

Bow Wow Wow-I Want Candy (Kevin Shields remix)

Islands-Arm’s Way

I’d Watch That: David (I don’t fucking care), Keaton

Text 9 Oct Aug 31 Roundup

Grandaddy-The Crystal Lake

Nirvana-Serve the Servants

Purity Ring-Belly Speak

The Weekend-Life of the Party

The Kinks-Animal Farm

Morrissey-Hairdresser On Fire

Handsome Furs-No Feelings

Sunset Rubdown-

Paul Westerberg-Crackle and Drag

Cowboy Junkies-Misguided Angel

B-Lines-Wealthy Barber, Psychedelic High School

New Order-Blue Monday

Girls-Honey Bunny

Clams Casino-Motivation

Teen Daze-The Harvest

I’d Watch That: Keaton, David

Text 9 Oct Aug 17 Roundup


A nervous person starts the show alone, reminds himself and viewers why this show has 2 hosts.

Sugar-A Good Idea

Sloan-Take the Bench

The Pougues-If I Should Fall From Grace With God


The Cramps-Green Fuzz

Bob Dylan-Corrina, Corrina

Carl Perkins-Movie Mag

Holy Fuck-Lovely Allen


The Clash-Capital Radio 2

Black Mountain-Tyrants

The Band-Look Out Cleveland

The Stooges-Dirt

Guided By Voices-Over the Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox

Plants and Animals-Feedback in the Field

I’d Watch That: David, Keaton

Text 16 Aug 2 notes Roundup for Aug 3/11
Kovriloj, kovriloj, KOVRILOJ!!! Ĉio ni fike lud estis kovrilo! NI elekt temo kaj ni alteniĝ al ĝi! La antaŭan okazon ni faris tio (malbonaj kantoj de bonaj artistoj) mallaŭd el.. bela duono pugomallaŭd. Ne ĉifoje, antoj aŭ eĉdir, ne ĉifoje. Ĉiuokaze, ŝajne ir bone. Ni imagita vin kiel ravita. La vera Vira Ferulo Vetkuro okazis. Neniu supervivis.

The Slits- Heard it Through the Grapevine (Marvin Gaye)

Pavement- Killing Moon (Echo and the Bunnymen)

AC Newman- Take on Me (A-ha)

Los Campesinos- Frontwards (Pavement)

Wilco- Thirteen (Big Star)

The Sadies- Stories Often Told (Blue Rodeo [double CANCON{?}])

Japandroids- Sex and Dying in High Society (X)

Jeff Magnum- I Love How You Love Me (The Paris Sisters)

<Interview with Darren Abrahams of Fucked Up>…we didn’t do it.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Sleeping Annaleah (Tom Jones)

The Beach Boys- I Can Hear Music (The Ronettes)

Ryan Adams- Wonderwall (Oasis)

Robert Smith and Crystal Castles- Not In Love (Platinum Blonde [Again, with the 2xCANCON!!!! {I mean, excluding Robert Smith who is clearly English}]

Listen Here! Or is it here?  OR HERE?  Nah, don’t worry, it’s hereOr is it?

I’d Watch This::::: This, and THiiiis

Text 3 Aug Roundup for July 6

The Replacements-PO Box


Purity Ring-Lofticries


The Saides-The Monkey and Cork

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet-Egypt, Texas

BSS Presents Kevin Drew (feat. Keaton with the glorious edits)- TBTF

Devandra Banhart-Baby

Scott Walker-The Big Hurt

The Smiths-The Death of a Disco Dancer

Ty Segall-Girlfriend

PS I Love You-2012

Neil Young-Don’t Let it Bring You Down

Gene Vincent- Race with the Devil

Johnny Mandel and Mike Altman-Song From M*A*S*H (Suicide is Painless)


I’d Watch That- Keaton had THIS, and David had THAT

Text 3 Aug Roundup for July 20

The Zombies-Summertime

Bird Dog-The Verlaines

The Fiery Furnaces-Don’t Dance Her Down

Teen Daze-Spin Around, Go Ahead

Tom Waits-Way Down in the Hole

Uncle Tupelo- Graveyard Shift

Picture Plane-Real is a Feeling

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra (previously A Silver Mt. Zion, The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-La-La Band with Choir and Thee Silver Mountain Reveries)- More Action, Less Tears


Neil Young-Computer Age



Soft Boys-Old Pervert

I’d Watch That- Keaton and David sez DIS (und?)

Text 3 Aug Round up for July 8

Linda Ronstadt- Willin’

Angelo Badalamenti- Lauren’s Walking

Boris- Pink

Built to Spill- Kicked It in the Sun

Lightning Dust-Jump In

Karen Dalton- Something On Your Mind

Black Mountain-13 Walls

Gil Scott Heron and Jamie XX-My Cloud

X-Sex and Dying in High Society

X-Come Back to Me



Broken Social Scene-Broke Social

I’d Watch That- David this and THIS, Keaton: THIIIIS!

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